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Alright, I think everyone is familiar with the occurrence of smelly stinky feet. I know we all know at least one person in our circle of friends or family who has a problem with foot odor. And you know that even the best smelling person can do a pretty great job of stinking up some shoes after running a few miles. So what is happening here? Why are feet so much smellier than the rest of our body parts? If you have the ability to clear a room, just by taking off your shoes, you may have a problem called bromhidrosis, or extreme foot smell.

Alright, now that you know what you are suffering from, we can get down to the real reason that some peoples' feet, or actually their shoes and/or socks, smell so badly sometimes. Smelly stinky feet begin when a person's feet begin to sweat. If you have particularly sweaty feet, than it is most likely that you also are suffering from an extreme foot odor problem. The more your feet sweat, the more your feet smell. While it is not actually the sweat that is making your feet smell, it is creating a warm, dark, moist breeding environment for the bacteria just waiting to multiply.

Now I know you may be wondering, if my feet smell because they sweat, why don't my hands smell when they sweat? Well, for feet, the sweat becomes a problem when the foot is locked inside a shoe and/or sock that makes it impossible for the sweat to evaporate like it does when your hands sweat. The sweat just builds and builds and gets absorbed into you shoes and socks and then the bacteria has room to grow. Then the moment you take your shoes off, the bacteria stench is released and the result is extremely smelly stinky feet.

Foot Odor

If you are suffering from smelly stinky feet, there are several natural stinky smelly feet remedies that you can try.

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Why Are Feet Stinky? Natural Cures For Smelly Stinky Feet

Foot Odor